My name is Sung Lee.  I'm a commercial photographer based in Orange County, CA.  I originally created Vagabondatheart.com to share stories and photos of my travels and also a desire to link with and learn from fellow vagabonds out and exploring the world.  Most of all, the website is a creative release for me, a visual journal of sort.

As the name implies, I think we're all vagabonds at heart and have desires to pursue our passions.  Initially, my intent was a dialogue on all things travel, but the true essence of a vagabond has a broader implication for me.  It involves a passionate pursuit for all things, a mindset to follow your heart and dwell beyond the comfort and the safety zone. 

That passion can either be a place, a pursuit of an idea, work, or an event.  At its core, there's always a human interest story I like to capture in pictures and write about.  There's a story in every one of us, and I often like to ask strangers, "Who are you?  What's your passion?"  I welcome your participation, suggestions, and open to collaborations with other vagabonds at heart.  If you have a human interest story you would like to share or refer, please write me.  Thanks for stopping by!